Throughout this project, I found the most challenging part is to plan the scenes as I have spent a lot of time thinking how I should covey meanings on each scenes and also because it needs to match the pace and the beat of the music which makes the task more difficult. Also, because I did the film by myself, it allows me to learn what kind of things different job roles need to do in TV and film industry, but I found it quite challenging at the same time as it is my first time making a film. This project allows me to learn how to edit videos which I think is very useful for the future and I enjoy editing my film although it is a long process. The editing part is my favourite throughout the project as for my fashion film, it involves a lot of editing skills and I have experimented with the effects on Premiere and also After Effects which I’m happy that I have learnt how to use both video editing program.

At the beginning, I was worried about the project as we need to produce a fashion film, but after I have asked the staff questions about the technical side of the filming process such as how to set up the lighting, it helps me a lot for making my film. This project let me understand the importance of continuity in TV and Film Industry and also builds up my make-up and hair application skills. It also develops my creativity as we can choose what theme we doing for this topic. After the practices of my make-up and hair design for the continuity assessment, my skills have improved as at first, I was struggling with the eyeliner, but then I managed to draw the eyeliner better and quicker.

By understanding more about the topic which I have chosen,Op Art, I have researched different sources of materials such as books, internet, films, etc, and it helps me to develop ideas for my film. Although at first, I’m lack of inspirations to plan the scenes and I was struggled a bit, but then through the amounts of research that I’ve done later on, it allows me to develop my ideas better and have made improvements for my film.

During the process of the developments for my project, I have faced difficulties such as studio booking as I also need to consider when my model is free as well and the booking sheet of the studio is always full. But I have overcome this difficulty by managed to shoot all the scenes in one day and the storyboards definitely helps me a lot and fasten the shooting process. This makes me understand that organisation in film making is very important.

In conclusion, I’m pleased with the outcome of my fashion film and I’m happy that I have learnt a lot in this unit, not only in make-up and hair, but also the technical skills and understanding the situations of being a filmmaker.


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