Genre for my fashion film

Science Fiction:

Special Effects are one of the features in science fiction genre and it is especially crucial in the silent era of the cinema in places such as Germany, Italy, France and United States. Science fiction films can be set in the future and anywhere, so it allows filmmakers to develop their creativity and explore different possibilities. It also gives the audience spectacular visual effects and sometimes, it involves interesting story line such as time and space travelling, paranormal abilities etc.

‘Science Fiction narratives extrapolate present conditions or technologies and postulate their evolution in the future, or make dramatic but plausible postulations about the present. In a certain way, the genre continually poses the question “What if?” under a range of different circumstances.’ (Friedman,L., 2014)


Psychedelic is a film genre used in characterized the influence from psychedelia and also links to the experience of psychedelic drugs. The film usually contains visual distortion image and sound and sometimes includes hallucinations and also regards psychedelic imagery.  Psychedelic uses editing techniques, sounds, music, narration and cinematography to present the ideas of distortion.

Chosen Genre For My Fashion Film: Sci-fi Psychedelic

The reason why I set my film as science fiction psychedelic genre as my film are focusing on the editing and special effects. My film also links to science fiction not only the editing, but also the way I set the settings of my film which shows my imaginative world and how I have also used flashback techniques in my film. The film links to psychedelic genre as well because it involves scenes where it is distorted, the music choices and the editing I have used on my film links to the psychedelic ideas.


  • Friedman, L., Desser, D., Kozloff, S., Nochimson, M., Prince, S. (2014) An Introduction To Film Genres. Published by W.W.Norton & Company, Inc.

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