What is my fashion film about? And analysing the editing effects used in my fashion film

The name of my film is titled ‘Illusion’. It is because I want to present the ideas of how Op Art gives people the illusion of vibrating, flashing, psychedelic and hidden images pattern which confuse people. The general idea of my film is about how I’ve used my model to represent me and the setting of the film represent my imaginative world. I will name her the same name as me ‘Vicki’ as she is a person who portrayed the character of me in the film. She explores different things in the area which shows the idea of my process of developing my research. I have researched Op Art as the theme of my film and in the film, I have uses different editing effects and actions to create my interpretations of presenting Op Art based on my knowledge. The film has got a futuristic theme which links to science fiction as the use of editing effects, the way I show the idea of my imaginative world, the contemporary version of historical make-up, hair, accessories, props and garments and also flashback are being used at the beginning and at the end. The editing effects links to the psychedelic genre which I’ve chosen as well. My model is used to present how I think about Op Art and you can see in the film that when she put her hand on the head and looking around, it shows how I think Op Art gives me the vision of dizziness and the echo , replicate , motion tile, kaleida, rotation and flashing effect helps me to support this idea. At the beginning of the film, I have used a rotation image while zooming into the sunglasses and it links to the ending as well because I want to flashback to the first scene, but this time, I have zooming out from the sunglasses and the direction of the rotation is different to the first scene which shows that the scene goes back to the first scene. Nearly the end of the film, I have overlapped a scene from the earlier scene which shows the process of going back to the beginning.

On below, I have listed out the effects that I’ve used for my film and I have explained the reason why I used those effects for my film to present my idea.

Adobe After Effects:

CC Kaleida:


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 14.37.07.png

By using a rotating kaleida pattern (Flower), it create the dizzy visions like what Op Art creates as well when we look at the patterns. I like the way how when I rotate the directions when editing, you can see the pattern on the garment changes into different patterns.



The Kaleida effect also got another setting and on a different scene, I have used the wheel setting and I like the way how the eyes are positions in different angles which link to the idea of Op Art patterns that it features similar patterns but in different directions like the painting which Bridget Riley did, Blaze I in 1962 where the patterns go different ways.The way there are many boxes which links to the repeated pattern of Op Art. I have also use the rotation to create dizzy visions.

CC Flo Motion:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 14.29.47.png

Flo motion is used in the film as I like how it creates an illusion of hidden image and the way there are many heads in different positions and warping imageries link to the Op Art patterns. This visual effect creates a confusing and dizzy vision.

Motion Tile:


The Motion tile helps me to create distorted image and I like the way how it links to Op Art as the effect helps me to create the hidden image effect and I also like the way how the images disappear at the end to change to the other scene.

Premiere Pro CC:

Flashing effects – Typography



I have used the flashing effects as it links to how Op Art gives the vision of flashing patterns.



The rotation effect is inspired by the shower scene from ‘Psycho’ in 1960 as I think when the frame rotates while zooming in the sunglasses, it creates a twirling effects like the painting from Bridget Riley, Braze I in 1962.



I have used the extract effect as I like how it stands out the line patterns on the garment and also the way it has created a color contrast between black and white.

Extract and mirror effects:


I have then used the extract effect again. But this time, I have added mirror effects as well which I want to show the idea of how Op Art present symmetry patterns.


Repeated actions


The way I use the boxes is to show a repeating actions which links to repeated pattern of the Op Art.

Motion tile:


The motion tile effect creates a blurry version which gives an illusion of moving patterns

Mirror Effects:


I have also used extract, motion tile and mirror effect in this scene and for this time, I have tried a different angle of the motion tile which makes the film more interesting. The extract effect stands out the line patterns on the garments and the mirror effects links to the symmetry patterns of the Op Art.

Echo Effect:


The echo effects refer to the psychedelic pattern of the Op Art and it helps me to create two dimensional effect.

Replicate and Echo effect:


The replicate effect shows the psychedelic pattern which Op art creates  and how the patterns confuse our eyes.

Venetian Blind:


The black line patterns was reminds me of the film noir style and in here, I have used transform the lines from thin to thick. While the model turns her head to the front, the lip look changes as well as the width of the line patterns as well. The use of line patterns link to Op Art.



The overlay effect helps me to refer back to the first scene as my model is wearing the sunglasses again and I have used the extract effect which I did at the beginning. This shows the flashback techniques and I like the way how the kaleida effect at the bottom layer moving very fast while the upper layer moving slower which creates a contrast in time.


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