Rough Cut 2

For my rough cut 2, I have used the videos from my test shoot and experiment with the position of the scenes. I think there are quite a lot of improvements need to be done, for example, I need to be aware of the framing problem when I do the shooting as in the second scene where the rotation of the frame picks up the black background and I need to aware of that by capturing a wider shot and so it allows the frame capturing just the model’s head. Also there are still spaces where I need to add onto my film. Nearly to the end of the film, when I did the close up of the lips, I need to match the beat of the music better. Also, I think the kaledia effect at the end can move faster as the music pace is quite fast. On the last scene, I will need to try to rotate back to the sunglasses and not the mouth. Some of the scenes are quite different from rough cut 1 as I have changed and updated some of my ideas.



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