Why Continuity are important and Evaluations for my Continuity Assessment # Techfile

1st Assessment –

IMG_9657 -1.jpg


2nd Assessment –



Why Continuity is important?

Continuity means repeating the same process and style/ look in TV and Film. It is important in TV and Film industry as for example, if the director shot one scene today and he wants to continue the scene the next day with the same look, this requires the make-up and hair artist to do the same look again. In order to create the same look, by taking photographs and making step by step guide, it helps the continuity process of creating the same look again and you can refer to the images to adjust similar appearance to the previous look that you did.

For the assessment this time, we have chosen one of our design from our fashion film project and we need to complete the look in the continuity assessment which means that we will need to create the look two times and this allows us to learn the importance of continuity in TV and Film Industry.

I found the most challenging part on my make-up design is the black eyeliner part. It was because I will need to draw the patterns and balance the two sides of the eyes.But after the practices, it allows me to get better on drawing the eyeliners and also make the process faster as well. For both assessment, I’m pleased with the result of how the eyeliners look. For the wig, I think in the second assessment, I have placed the wig a little bit higher than the first assessment and to improve, I will need to adjust the position a bit lower. I’m pleased with the black lips and the contouring on the face of both assessment. Compare to the photos from both assessment, the lighting of the photos are quite different as the setting of the camera is not the same which results on the second assessment, it turns out very bright and bluish color and it affects the color of the skin tone on the skin. On above are the photos which I have taken of my design with my phone during the assessment and you can see the color of the skin tone better.

1st assessment:


2nd assessment:




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