Nat Vanzee’s Talk

Nat Vanzee

On 10th November, I have went to Nat Vanzee’s talk and during the talk, she has talked about her experience being a make-up artist and also how she is passionate on working with organic products. She considers the products we are using nowadays as many of them are harmful to our health. Nat Vanzee is a Dutch make-up artist and was taught by famous makeup artist such as Val Garland, Pat McGrath, etc from the previous fashion shows. She was a hairstylist at origin and she worked with celebrities as well. She worked with famous brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Nike, Selfridges, etc. Since 2012, she has started to focus on researching and experimenting with organic and natural beauty brands from around the world and during 2015, she started VANZEE Beauty and it allows her to organise her natural organic beauty brand. On below are some of her works:

During the talk, she shows us the ten toxic chemicals we can found easily in our daily lives.

Ten toxic chemicals:

  • Petrolatium- found in various lip, skin and hair products
  • Phthalates- found in nail products and scented products
  • Silocone Chemicals- found in various hair products, moisturizers and cosmetics
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- found in products that lather, like shampoo, toothpaste and body wash
  • Triclosan- found in products labelled “antibacterial”, such as anti-perspirants/ deodorants, cleansers and hand sanitizers
  • Artifical Musks- found in some products that contain Fragrance or Perfume, various hair products, moisturizers, cosmetics, even those labelled “unscented”
  • BHA- found in moisturizers, make-up and some fragrance
  • Coal Tar Derived Colors- found in hair dye
  • Formaldehyde Releasing Agents- found in various hair products, moisturizers and cosmetics
  • Parabens- found in various cosmetics and moisturizers

A report from UNEP and WHO, entitled The State of the Science on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in 2012 and released in mid February which notes that although significant knowledge gaps remain about the links between the chemicals and some diseases, associations were apparent for harmful effects on the reproductive system, the neurological system, and increased risks for certain types if cancer.

According to Kline Company in 2013, Europe saw a 6% uptake in natural personal care sales and is more than double the pace of the total personal care market. Natural products has become more popular than mainstream beauty as people started to aware of their health.

On above is a video made by Vanzee discuss about caring our skin.

After the talk, it allows me to understand more about the importance of reading the label behind the product and see what chemicals contain in that product as the chemicals might harm to our health as well. It also let me understand more about skin caring and awareness of the products we use on our body.


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