‘The Fifth Element’- (1997)

‘The Fifth Element’- (1997)

‘The Fifth Element’ is a science fiction action film which is directed by Luc Besson, produced by Patrice Ledoux and screenplay written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. The film has won British Academy of Film and Television Arts with Best Special Visual Effects in 1997, Cannes Film Festival with Technical Grand Prize in 1997 and Cesar Award with Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Production Design in 1998, etc.

The film was set in the future in the 23rd century and it is about the universe is menace by the evil and in order to fight back,  the only way human can fight back is from the help of the Fifth Element. The Fifth Element goes to the Earth every five thousand years and the reason they go there is to protect the humans with four stones which represent four different elements and they are air, earth, fire and water. In the film, aliens are known as Mondoshawans and they travel to the earth with their spaceship to bring The Fifth Element. But the evil Mangalores destroy their spaceship which makes the stones are not on board. And so, the scientists take the remaining DNA from the Fifth Element to create a humanoid woman who is named Leeloo. Because she was new to the surrounding, she feels scared and escaped from the laboratory. After she escaped, she met the former major Korben Dallas which helps her to get away from the police and she tells him about her mission. Later on in the story, Korben Dallas has fallen in love with Leeloo and he decides to help her to get the stones back.

The way how the film was set in the future links to the costumes for the character and the style is very different to other films. ‘The Fifth Element’ links to my fashion film ideas as it is a science fiction film and also how it portrays an unrealistic world. The setting of my film is to show my imaginative world which is not a real life story. The use of special effects also link to my film ideas. Science Fiction genre allows filmmakers to develop and expand their ideas which links to my film as I develop my ideas through different editing effects and use my creativity to covey the ideas of Op Art.


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