Fashion Film & Social Media; Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Fashion film is used to promote fashion and beauty products on the internet and also it is a way for designers and artists to show their creativity through fashion. Industries uses animated content to present their works in fashion films. Sometimes it is used as advertising, but advertisements blocking is a big problem in nowadays for instance, Apple offers advertisements blocking app for their customers, etc.

Marketing and Social Media:

Social Media is an interactive process and it helps to make connections with the audiences around the world. It has replaced the old-fashioned advertising which is a one-way communication method. Nowadays, customers find what products they want instead and marketing doesn’t really need to find customers. This might be the reason why many people are into fashion and influence them. This makes the marketing cost lesser and require less effort than before.

Social Media and Fashion:

In the luxury brand market, companies were unwilling to engage with social media and fashion at the beginning. But now, the industry has come to consider technology as an opportunity. Take from example, Burberry’s ‘‘ website which was launched in November 2009 and it is an example of how social media has affected in fashion. It is a fan page for the iconic trench coat and is a platform which allows customers to communicate its culture. It helps to increase sales and allowed more stories for the brand. Also brands for instance: Dolce& Gabbana, invite bloggers to sit at the front seats of their fashion shows and the bloggers then upload their feedbacks from the show onto the social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter to promote their products. Many brands have their own Twitter and Facebook accounts and they post several times  in a day to update their latest trends or events. Take from example the brand Anastasia Cosmetics, has won on Instagram for its beauty brand. Young Filmmakers such as Gsus Lopez also posted his fashion films on facebook and share his creativity works. Nowadays, most of the marketing gives their messages to the costumers directly from social media without involving the merchandisers or advertisers or the magazine editor.

Youtube :

Youtube is also a platform for fashion films and also allows fashion brands to promote their latest updates and trends. I think Youtube is actually an important app for letting people know more about fashion film as it is widely used and well known. I personally go on Youtube everyday and I think it allows me to learn different things as well, for example, there are variety of different channels, fashion styling, makeup, hair, editing techniques, films, etc. ASOS also have their own Youtube channel which is used to promote their latest collections.

ASOS Youtube channel:

ASOS Lookbook films

ASOS also create their own fashion films to promote their latest trends and clothes.

Google’s Latest Victim: 

In this video, it shows that ASOS has been searched on google by many people around the world and this shows the power of social media and also how social media makes different people around the world notice the brand as well.



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