Yoshi Sodeoka 袖岡由英

Yoshi Sodeoka is a Japanese multidisciplinary musician and artist. His neo-psychedelic is presented through his print, Gifs and video works and they also links to music, fashion and fine art as well. His works heavily links to the psychedelic subculture which is popular in the 1960s and it creates hallucinations effect.

On below are two of his prints which are inspired by Op Art.

‘100 Op Art’ – 2006- By Yoshi Sodeoka – Prints

‘Intoxicated Op Art’ – 2013- By Yoshi Sodeoka – Risograph-Print- 11” x 17”

Commissioned Music Video:

His video features the psychedelic effects in which you can see it clearly in the editing effects and from the music choices on his videos.

Elephant — Tame Impala (2012)

The music features psychedelic rock music which links to the influence of psychedelic culture. The music is used to enhance the psychedelic experiences of psychedelic drugs in the psychedelic subculture. Echo effects are being used in here and also kaledia effects.

Somewhere — Sekuioa (2015)

I can see the influence of Op Art to present the psychedelic effects as on below are two examples from the video. The first images create a swirling effect and the use of line patterns create two dimensional effect also links to Op Art. For the music, it features replicate pattern which links to the psychedelic music from the psychedelic subculture as well.


For the second image, the psychedelic features links to Op Art as it creates illusions of moving and vibrating patterns.


Video art projects:

Covert Hypnosis in Politics (2008)
The video features two videos but Sodeoka has overlaid  the two videos together in one video and play at the same time. The swirl pattern reminds me of the Op Art and I like how the swirl pattern was moving to create a hypnotic effect.



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