Erwin Blumenfeld

Erwin Blumenfeld (1897-1969) was a famous artist and photographer who was born in Germany. He had established fashion film as an extension of photography. In Erwin Blumenfeld’s works, I can find the features of Op Art and on below, I have listed some examples.

Beauty in Motion: The Films of Erwin Blumenfeld- NOWNESS

The video on above is a montage of Erwin Blumenfeld’s experimental beauty films and his son, Henri, who is a photographer resurrected from the archives. I can see a lot of editing effects in the film and I found some of them relevant to the idea of Op Art. For instance:

1:03-1:15 Kaleidoscope effect links to Op Art as the use of psychedelic patterns.

2:01-2:10 The folded face effect reminds me of the hidden images of the Op Art and I like how the lines are moving in the video which creates a dizzy vision.

Photography done by Erwin Blumenfeld:,photography,

Audrey Hepburn, photographed by Erwin Blumenfeld, (1952)

The photograph on above links to Op Art in the way of hidden patterns and I like how Audrey Hepburn’s head getting smaller and smaller by the use of mirror reflections. The repetition of Audrey’s head also links to how Op patterns shows repeated patterns and also play around with different angles and positions.

Vogue. Photographed By Erwin Blumenfeld (1939)

The photograph on above links to Op Art as the use of polka dots pattern on the body. The polka dots looks two dimensional and has high color contrast with the color black and white which stands out the pattern and create an illusion of moving patterns.

The photograph on above reminds me of the film-noir style lighting as the use of blinds shadows reflect on the body. The lines on the body somehow looks two dimensional and it links to Op Art by the use of two dimensional line patterns.


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