Blade Runner- (1982)

Blade Runner (1982) film

The film ‘Blade Runner’ is a 1982 neo-noir science fiction film which is directed by Ridley Scott. The film was set in future in 2019 Los Angeles. The story is about the protagonist, Dechard who is a replicant hunter whose job is to destroy the replicants. The replicants are an illegal creation on Earth and there are four escaped replicants so then Dechard’s job is to kill them. But before he went to kill the replicants, he met a replicant whose name is called Rachel at the Tyrell Corporation and he then falls in love with her.

Marvin G. Westmore is an American make-up artist and ‘Blade Runner’ is one of his well-known work and Shirley Padgett is the hair stylist for the film. Michael Kaplan and Charles Knobe are the costume designers and I found the styling of Rachel’s character is interesting as in the film, Rachael wears old fashioned clothes and it is more likely characteristics of a 1940s style than 2019.

Film Noir style is used in ‘Blade Runner’ as there are use of low-key lighting. The well-known blind effects is an example and I like the way how the light coming through the blinds and the line patterns of it reflects on the face.

There are visual motifs in ‘Blade Runner’ and Ridley Scott has used eyes as the windows to the soul and taken from example a close-up shot of an eye was used at the beginning of the film to reflect and review what the scene was happening.

‘Blade Runner’ was set in a futuristic setting which is an imaginative world and it links to the idea of my fashion film as my idea is about my interpretations of my thoughts and ideas about Op Art and present it in my own imaginative way.


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