First practice of my final assessment design # Techfile


Scan_20151209 (3)

Hair chart:


Nail design:Scan_20151209

I have chosen one of my design look from my fashion film and I am going to use this design for my continuity assessment look.



  • Cleanser, toner and moisturizer
  • An apron
  • Cotton pads
  • Cotton buds
  • Illamasqua matte primer
  • Illamasqua skin base foundation (01)
  • Kryolan foundation palette (Alabaster)
  • Kryolan concealer palette (D4)
  • Illamasqua loose powder
  • A puff
  • Illamasqua Neutral palette (Obsidian)
  • Illamasqua Contour palette
  • Maybelline new lasting drama gel liner
  • MUA The Artiste Collection- Multi-use eye shadow palette
  • Eyelash curler
  • Fake lashes
  • Eyelash glue
  • Maybelline the colossal go extreme! volum’ mascara
  • MAC Lip Mix (Black)
  • A foundation buffing brush
  • A spatula
  • An angle brush
  • A contouring brush
  • Eye shadow brushes x 2
  • A thin eyeliner brush
  • A sculpting brush
  • A fan brush
  • A lip brush


  • A paddle brush
  • A comb
  • A tail comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair bobbles x 2
  • A stocking cap
  • Black short blunt wig with fringe


Model : Sara Gerwat




Apply the black colour first onto the nails. Then, after it is completely dried, draw the patterns on top of the black colour using the white color nail art pen. Finally, finishing the nails with finish clear color top coat.


  1. First, put the cape on the model. Cleanse, tone and moisturizer the model’s face.
  2. Then, apply the matte primer onto the face.
  3. After that, mix the Alabaster color on the foundation palette with a bit of the skin base foundation. The reason I did that is because I want her skin to look lighter than her original skin tone. Use a buffing brush to blend the foundation onto the skin.
  4. Then, apply concealer under the eyes and cover the blemishes on the face.
  5. Powder the face with a puff.
  6. Use the obsidian color (black) from the neutral palette and draw the eyebrows with an angle brush.
  7. Use the brown color from the Illamasqua sculpture palette and apply contouring under the cheekbones, side on the nose and around the hair line near the forehead.
  8. Apply highlight on the forehead, bridge of the nose and above cheekbones using the shimmery color from the Illamasqua sculpture palette.
  9. Then, apply the pistachio color from the MUA palette on the eyelid.
  10. Use the Maybelline gel liner to draw a line above the natural crease on both eyelids.
  11. Curl the lashes. Cut the fake lashes into the right length and apply lash glue onto them. Wait for them to try a bit and apply them as close as the lash line.
  12. Curl the lashes with the curler and apply mascara.
  13. Use the black Mac lip mix and apply it to the lips using an angle brush.
  14. Apply black eye shadow onto the lips to give more matt finish.


20151102_162328 20151102_162332 20151102_162333 20151102_162336 20151102_162339 20151102_162342 20151102_16234420151109_165338


  1. First, brush the hair with the paddle brush.
  2. Then, separate the hair into two parts between the middle parting.
  3. After that, create french braid on each side of the hair. Use hair bobbles to secure the end part of the hair.
  4. Clip the left side braid over the right side and the right side braid over the left side. Use hair pins to secure the braid on the head.
  5. Put on the stocking cap. Ask you model to hold the front bit of the stocking cap when you put on the model’s head.
  6. Tuck the hair into the stocking cap with a tail comb.
  7. Then, apply the short black blunt wig over the stocking cap.
  8. Adjust the angle of the wig to fit on the model’s head.


20151102_164134 20151102_164139   20151102_164149 20151102_165407 20151102_165410

I’m pleased with the appearance of my design and to improve next time, I will need to do the patterns under the eyes more evenly as during this practice, I have drawn the pattern on the right eye too close together and is different to what I want on my design. I’m pleased with the black eyeliners on the lid but there are still area of improvement. I think the nail design also works for my design as well. Also, for the wig, I want the fringe to look more blunt and so I am going to cut the fringe of the wig.


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