8 1/2 – (1963)


‘8 1/2’ is an Italian comedy drama film in 1963 which is directed by Federico Fellini. The title of the film is named ‘8 1/2’ as it is used for Fellini to reflect on the number of works he did at that point. The film ‘8 1/2’ has won many different awards such as two Academy Awards for Best Costume Design in black and white film and also Best Foreign Language Film. The film is known by people as an influential classic film and an Avant-garde film. ‘8 1/2’ is an autobiographical film created by Fellini to show the difficulties and tribulations in film making.

The story of ‘8 1/2’ is about a director, Guido Anselmi’s life, how he was struggled to find new inspirations as a filmmaker, but people his films are famous, people are expecting more of his films. In order to get inspirations, he starts to think about the things that happens to his life which you can see in the film through for example, his dreams and childhood memories. The film not only is about how he was struggled finding inspirations for his artworks, but also about his personal life which refers to his problem and pressures with the women he has loved. Although the film is in black and white, but because high contrast of lighting helps to make the film more interesting as if it has dull lighting, the film will appear quite boring.

I found the film quite hard to understand as I can’t find any English subtitle for the film and I can’t understand Italian. But the film allows me to understand how lighting works in black and white film and also how it affects the color on the garments and the make-up which let me understand what I need to consider about when planning for my black and white fashion film.


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