Op Tribute- The Imperial Fashion Short Movie S/S 2013

‘Op Tribute’ is a short fashion film created for The Imperial to promote their collection. The idea of the fashion film is inspired by Op Art and in the film, it involved a lot of line patterns, not only on the garments, but also the editing techniques used on the film editing as well. I found the editing techniques are very interesting in this video. Mirror effects are also used in here which links to the symmetry patterns from the Op Art. The flashing effects are used many times throughout the film and it strongly links to Op Art as the way it creates dizzy visions, flashing and vibrating patterns like what Op Art does. The word ‘Imperial’ appears again in 0:16-0:20 and it is used because as the video is used to promote their new fashion collection, I think they want to stand out their brand’s name as well. Nearly to the end of the video, one of the model’s pose, how she goes from her head to her body with her hand, stand out the garments she wearing and I think the body language she uses there is to present and let the audience to see the patterns on the garment. I think the music matches the idea of the strong bold patterns on the garments as it features strong beat and by combing people’s voice with the music, I think it creates a confusing atmosphere like how Op Art patterns confuse our eyes.

I like the way how there are Black and white line patterns going across the body and the lines are in different widths. The way the repetition of the lines and patterns consecrate the simplicity which links to the ideas of the OP Art patterns.

I especially like the editing effects of how the body was separated into different positions like the one from 0:42 and it reminds me of the Op Art paintings such as ‘Shuttle’ from 1964 by Bridget Riley. The patterns are separated into different parts and each sections go from different directions.

‘Shuttle’ (1964)- By Bridget Riley- Emulsion on panel.

I can see one of the female’s model hairstyle is inspired by Twiggy’s as she has got short hairstyle with side parting and the makeup also links to Twiggy’s eyeliners. The sunglasses that the models were wearing links to the mod look and I think it is suitable for linking to Op art as well because the sunglasses have got bold shapes. The line patterns, the geometric prints on the garments points out the idea of Op Art straightaway.


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