F(x)’s ‘4 Walls’ Music Video

The music video of F(x)’s ‘4 Walls’ is about four girls who are in the same space but in different dimensions and the editing techniques used in here and the way they filmed in this video joins the sequence together. Everything they do link to each other and it is like a continuous movement after one person did an action and the other continues with the action. Also their actions mirror each other, so for example, when a girl flip the jacket, another girl flip the jacket as well. When a girl slipped over, another girl shows the freeze version of the slip over action as well.

falls down

falls down 2

In the wood scene, I think it is an inter-dimensional space where all the dimensions connect to each other. I found this music video is very interesting and inspiring in the way of the style of editing and how the camera capture the scenes, the angles they captured in the music video. Within the video, there is a lot of similar scenes where the scenes change by using the same actions and then using editing to cut to another scene where a different person appear in the next scene. I like this idea of editing techniques and on below are the examples of the scenes in the music video.


4_Walls_Music_Video (2)

On below is an example of how the scenes change to the other scene in the music video and I like how the girl uses movements and actions to make the scene flows smoothly.

4_Walls_Music_Video (3)


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