Storyboarding And the Elements To Plan A Shoot

When planning a shoot, we need to consider the bullet points on below:

  • Relevant research in Film
  • The concept and the idea of your film
  • Mood board with annotations on it so to make explanations of the photos and also make things more clearly
  • Trends
  • Shot list – by creating this, it requires lesser time, so fasten the process of filming
  • Storyboard – present ideas of what you want to do on each scene
  • Team building / creative collaboration
  • Casting
  • Location/ studio

Visual mood board

fashion film moodboard.png

Visual mood board present the ideas of your shoot in imagery. You can use colors and different types of images to present the concepts of your shoot. On above, I have done a styling mood board for my fashion film and it is about the make-up and hair inspirations, styles, and props I will be using in my film.

Mood board with annotation

  • By adding Annotations on the mood board beside your picture,  it makes people understand more why you use the text/picture/drawing on your mood board to present your ideas.

Mood board with annotations

Fashion film style moodboard with anntoations

Test shoots

By doing test shoots, it helps to visualize what ideas you want to present and you can see the effects of your shoots which comes out from the camera and then you can think about what work well and what doesn’t work well and so you can adjust your designs.

What are trends?

  • A trend requires something extremely popular but short-lived ‘expression’ or ‘style’
  • Timeless pieces become classics, the opposite of trends
  • Trends are produced for an audience who wants changes and who can afford it
  • The teenage market is a popular zone for trends
  • Trends exist on the high-street, with budget labels and also with famous fashion and couture houses
  • Famous designers and brands also consider trends as well

Trend Research: WGSN

WGSN is a major source for researching trends and it includes overall presentation of many elements you can consider.

What is included in a shot list:

  • Points of what you are planning to shoot
  • Technical details such as camera angles when shooting
  • Costume changes
  • Direction for your model/sitter/actor

Storyboards in film productions:

  • Storyboards are used in films for pre-production and pre-visualisation
  • Different types of storyboards are used to outline various aspects of the planning of shots in film production, such as editorial storyboard, key frame storyboard are regularly in colored and detailed with annotations, production storyboard, etc.
  • For a narrative approach, by creating an editorial storyboard, it helps you to frame and arrange in order and to outline how the story progress

Key frame storyboard with colored drawings and annotations:

Animatic storyboard:

The animatic storyboard shows clearly how the scenes are progressed and by presenting visually, it makes the scenes more concrete and practical.


  • Research creative elements which helps to build your project
  • Finding models or actors will help you as a starting point to define the cast
  • To define your cast better, you can research history and some persona around the character which links to the film
  • Street casting
  • Facebook and other social and professional networks i.e. LinkedIn
  • Model agencies

Location/ studio


  • Consider places where is accessible for you
  • Take photos of different places and decide where is the most suitable location for the shoots
  • Try to shoot the location photos with your film ideas in your mind
  • Think about the spaces for hair and makeup and clothes changes in the shoots


  • Technical examinations
  • Test shoots and experimenting with the lighting and camera angles, etc


On below, I have taken some photos from the place where I am going to shoot my fashion film. All the scenes of my fashion film will be shot in the infinity studio. The reason why I choose to shoot my fashion film there because I don’t want too much shadows  on the background of my film as I want to stand out the patterns on the garments more.

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