Styles and Props for my fashion film

On below, I have listed the styles and props that I will be using in my film. I will also explained why I choose them.


Look 1-

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For Look 1, I have used a short long sleeves turtleneck dress and use it as the top as I like the line patterns on it. The line patterns link to Op Art and it creates a strong color contrast between the black and white colors. For the bottom, I have used a bell-bottoms line pattern trousers and also I like the strong contrast of the colors and the way it stands out the line patterns on the garment. I think the bell-bottoms trousers make the look more fashionable and stylish. Another reason why I use bell bottoms trousers as during mid 1960s, it is a popular fashion.

Look 2-

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During mid-sixties, A -line dress is popular and so I have found an A-line dress with geometric prints on it which links to Op Art. I like the way how the patterns are tightly set together and when you wear the garment, the pattern somehow got stretched and it creates a two-dimensional and warping effect.The dress is sleeveless and and funnel neckline which links to the 60s fashion.

Look 3-


For look 3, I have used a high neck line long sleeves top with line patterns which set closely together. The high neckline is a contemporary features for my film. 20151210_181034

Tights are popular in 1960s and usually it features solid patterns. In my film, I want to use vertical striped tights to present this idea and present the ideas of Op Art through the use of line patterns.



For the shoes, I have chosen a black color flats with black and gold rectangular shapes which shows a symmetry pattern and it features square toe shape on the top.  Square toe shoes is popular during 1960s.


sunglasses fashion film

During 1960s, the sunglasses feature bold shapes and have got big frames. For my film, I want to use this idea to show a contemporary version by the use of showing a big frame sunglasses with bold square shapes. 20151210_181544

For my film, I want to use an umbrella with Op Art patterns on it because I want to turn the umbrella to create an illusion of swirling pattern.


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