Make-up,Hair & Nail Designs For My Fashion Film

For my fashion film, I have decided to use 4 different makeup looks,a hair design and a nail design. On below, I have shown where I get inspirations from for my designs, the developments and also tried out how the design looks on person.

Make-up look 1:

For my make-up look 1, I want to experiment with the eye makeup. The look is inspired from Twiggy’s and as I want to present my film in a contemporary form, I want to join the ideas from Twiggy’s eye makeup with my ideas from what I understand about Op Art.

Scan_20151211I have designed three different eye makeup to see which one I want to use for the first make-up look.

Design 1: For my first design, I have made the eyeliner on the lid into a black solid line instead. I will be using fake lashes for the upper lashes, but it will not as dramatic. This only because I want to create a dolly look like Twiggy’s. From how we see on Twiggy’s lower lashes, she drew the lashes on to make her eyes appeal bigger and I have developed my idea from this direction as well by making the pattern into a new design. I have drawn the eyeliner on the lower lashes with thinner lines and thicker lines. This helps the eyes to look bigger and also it shows a cute look like what Twiggy did.

Design 2: For my second design, I have also made the eyeliner on the lid into a black solid line. I have changed the pattern under the lower lashes and this time, I have added shapes and lines which links to how Op Art uses lines and shapes on the paintings. I will be using fake lashes as well and it will not look too dramatic as I want the pattern under the lower lashes to stand out more.

Design 3: For my third design, it is a development from design 2 as I have kept the eyeliner on the crease but the only thing that I’ve changed is the patterns under the lower lash line, I have just placed one square pattern and two lines on both side next to the square pattern which refer to the use of shapes and lines on Op Art.

Chosen Design: Design 3

I have chosen design 3 for make-up look 1 because I like the way the pattern under the lashes is unique and the way how it links to Op Art as the use of line and bold shapes under the lower lashes.

Make-up look 1:

Scan_20151209 (3)


For my make-up look 1, I have combined the design with design 3 (eye make-up)  on above. I have used a stronger contouring, black lips and black eyebrows to emphaize a contemporary look for my film. I have made the skin of the model a bit lighter than her original skin tone as I want to stand out the black colors on the make-up which creates a more contrast look.

Make-up look 2:

Scan_20151210 (3)


The idea of makeup look 2 is inspired by the Op Art paintings and also the use of polka dots pattern from Yayoi Kusama’s artworks. The used of dotted shapes link to Op Art and the way I use white color lips with black color around the lips link to the Op Art in the way that Op Art experiments with the black and white colors on the paintings. I have used fake lashes on this make-up look as well which helps me to achieve the dolly look like Twiggy’s. The dark black color brows is used to emphaize the contemporary look.

Make-up look 3:

Scan_20151210 (2)


For make-up look 3, I will be using the same design like make-up look 2, but I will just change the design on the lips. In here, I have used white lips with different widths and lengths black lines and this links to Op Art as it is inspire by the features of presenting the ideas of experimenting with line patterns.

Make-up look 4:

Scan_20151210 (4)


For Make-up look 4, I have used the idea of Op Art of how it experiments with shapes and lines. The pattern changes the shape of the lips and I like how the black color patterns in the middle looks like the hidden images idea of Op Art.

Hair Design:Scan_20151210

For the hairstyle, I will be using a black color short blunt shape wig and the black color helps me to present the idea of contemporary version. The blunt shape style inspired by the famous Sassoon cut hairstyle in 1960s and it links to Op Art as the use of bold pattern and shape.

Nail design:



For my nail design, it is inspired from the Op Art patterns. The design are focusing on showing the ideas of developing line patterns and it shows my understanding about Op Art. The reason I did five different design for each finger as I think it will make the design more unique and also interesting and I have used geometric shapes and experiments with line patterns to show links to Op Art.


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