Gareth Pugh’s Fashion Film

On below, I have watched two of Gareth Pugh’s fashion films and I found that the editing effects link to the features of Op Art. The two fashion films are also directed by Ruth Hogben.

Gareth Purph S/S 2011 was a fashion film directed by Ruth Hogben and presented by Showstudio. The cube shape at the beginning has got geometric patterns on it and the way it looks two dimensional reminds me of Op Art. The mirror effect always appear through the film and the way I think the mirror effect link to Op Art is because it creates symmetrical patterns like what Op Art do. I especially like the part in 3:23-4:12 where the model is walking, mirror and flashing effects are used. The flashing effects helps to change the model’s outfit to another and this helps to make the video flow smoothly. The flashing effect links to Op art as it creates flashing and vibrating patterns which trick our eyes.

The Kaleida effects are used from 4:13- 5:34 and I think the patterns link to op art as it has got the idea of symmetry, hidden images and repetition patterns from the Op Art. The reason I have written hidden images as in the middle of the pattern, it looks like a swirl while the patterns getting smaller and smaller. The garment that the model wore also reminds me of Op Art as there are many line patterns. The garment that the models wear in 2:51 and 8:43 features geometric prints as well.

From 8:22-8:25, the character is being replicated which is another effect which links to Op Art as the use of repeated representation of simple geometric form and it reminds me of the idea of how the Op Art patterns make us feel dizzy.

In the film, there are many camera angles which capture full body shot, and shot from low angle to empower the model. The music features strong beat and I like the way how to model’s movements matches the pace of the music. I think the models’ exaggerated body movements matches the beat of the music as well. The styling of the models looks edgy and the music also compliments with it nicely.


I found another fashion films from Showstudio and it is also directed by Ruth Hogben for Gareth Pugh. The fashion film presented the collection of Gareth Pugh’s A/W 2009. I found the editing effects also link to Op Art as well. In 0:48 where the model’s body was separated into two parts reminds me of the Op Art paintings as sometimes the patterns are positions in different directions. I especially love the effects in 2:17 where again the model’s body was separated in half, but this time the upper section of the body moves very fast and it creates blurry and multiple visions which links to how Op Art paintings creates vibrating patterns when we look at them. Mirror effects are also used in here. The body movements are used to support and stand out the patterns on the garments which refers to what Nick Knight said, fashion films are used to present the garments. I think the noise used in the film features strong beat and strange noise which creates an unpleasant atmosphere.


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