‘Terminator Genisys’ – (2015)


Terminator Genisys (2015) is an American action and science fiction movie which is directed by Alan Taylor. It is written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. This film is the fifth film in the Terminator series and Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to play his role as Guardian/ The Terminator.The character of the Terminator is the iconic character of the film. 
The film is about a soldier named Kyle Reese who was sent back in time by John Connor, the leader of the Human Resistance to protect Connor’s mother, Sarah who was targeted by Skynet. But when Kyle arrives in the past, he realised the timeline has changed and later on in the story, Sarah, the Terminator and also Kyle fight against with Skynet together.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Guardian/ Terminator

This film is about an artificial general intelligence (Skynet) trying to lead the world and so they fight against with the human. In the film, the Terminator is set as the character who is the hero and fight against Skynet. 
On below, I am going to analyse the character of Jason Clarke as John Connor in the film. 


Jason Clarke as John Connor

John Connor is the son of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. During his early life, he was trained by his mother on the areas of dealing with weaponry, espionage and computer technology. At the beginning of the film, he is the one who leads the Resistance to fight against Skynet. But when he sent his soldier Kyle back in time with the machine’s magnetic field to protect his mother, Sarah, who is targeted bu Skynet, John het attacked by a Resistance soldier and he transformed into the T-3000 which is an advanced nano technological named ‘Cyborg’. He has become half human, half machine and is programmed to help Skynet and use to pritect the Cyberdyne Systems. I really like the interesting part where John at first was a hero in the film, but later, he has turned into a bad character. 
Later on in the story, John appears in the past to save Kyle and Sarah, but the Terminator identify John is an advanced T-3000 Terminator and so he shoots him to reveal his character. 
The scars on John’s face was created by the experiences in wars as he said in the film, ‘I look at each of you and I see the marks of this long and terrible war’. After he turns into Cyborg, he was able to remove the scars on his face and this shows how he can heals all wounds and also never die. 


The way how Kyle Reese was sent back to the past refers to time travelling and also there are many special effects techniques used in the film which shows the features of sci-fi movies and also flashbacks are used many times throughout the film as well which helps to tell the stories of the character. The way how ‘The Terminator’ shows the idea of technology tried to affect human’s lives and it links to science fiction genre as it is a imaginative story and also something that didn’t happen in real lives yet which shows a futuristic story. 

Special Effects (Robotic Skin)

Legacy Effects (LLC) is an American special effects studio and has created the Terminator robotic and make-up effects for the film. John Rosengrant is a visual effects supervisor and he is the lead of the works and he had worked on the previous four Terminator films as well. On below, the photos show how the make-up artists created the robotic skin on Arnold Schwarzenegger and by using the mould, it helps the continuity of the character.


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