Film Noir and Hollywood hair # Techfile


  • A tail comb
  • A paddle brush
  • Hot rollers
  • Sectioning clips
  • Metal Clips or Grip clips


Hot Rollers






The photo on the left shows the different sizes of hot rollers and the smaller the rollers, the tighter the curls. The photo also shows two types of roller grip clips you can use to secure the rollers on the head, they are the metal clips and roller clips. Metal clips have different colors on their end which represents what size the rollers they are for. When using the metal clips, secure the roller and place the opening side of the clip away from you, but when you do the front section of the hair, you can remove the clip and the opening bit of the clip can face the other way so it will not bother you doing the front section of the hair.  For the roller grip clips, it has got a shorter end and a longer end, the shorter end will go underneath the hair while the longer end will go over the top when securing the rollers on the head.

  1. Switch on the hot rollers.
  2. Separate the hair into two sections, the front and the back.
  3. Take a nice clean section from the back section at the top of the head and remember don’t take too much hair and too wide section at once as you want to roll all the hair with the roller. Lift the hair up and away from you. When the rollers are ready to use, first, use the red roller, which is the biggest one and wrap the hair around it.
  4. Make sure the ends are tuck into the roller neatly, use a tail comb to tuck the hair into the roller by rolling and give tension. Make sure the hair lies flat and neat onto the head and after that, use a metal clips or roller clips to secure the roller on the head.
  5. Take another section on the side and use the same method as what you did on the previous step. Do the rest of the hair with red hot rollers at the back section (like the brick patterns) until you reached half of the head. Think about the position of the rollers where you will place the rollers on.
  6. For the bottom part of the hair at the back section, separate the hair into left and right section. Start by doing the left section, take a nice clean section of hair and place the blue roller (which is the second biggest roller) in vertical directions and this time the rollers will come in towards the face. Secure the rollers on the head with the grip clips. Do the same on the left side of the hair with this method. For the right side of the hair, place the blue rollers vertically and the rollers will come in towards the face as well. Secure the rollers with the grip clips.
  7. After you have done all the hair at the back section, we can move on to the front section. For the front section, you can do center or off center parting. As I want to give some lift to the hair at the front section, I have done a off center parting. Take a nice clean section of hair and lift it up. Place the red rollers and wrap the hair around the rollers. Continue the same process until you reach the temple point.
  8. After that, for the hair below the temple point, do one or two rollers placing vertically and come towards the face.
  9. For the other side of the hair at the front section, do the same like what you did on the previous step but in opposite way.
  10. After you have placed all the rollers on the head, leave the rollers to cool down.
  11. Then, once they are cool, remove all the rollers from the head.20151022_132535
  12. Use a paddle brush and take a section of hair into your hand. Bring the brush underneath and over the top so to create a nice wave shape.


Model: Lilianna Jaroszewska Lipowska

To improve, I can create more lift on the top part of the hair and be more confident on brushing the hair to create a more nice wave shape of the hair. Also, I can take smaller sections of the hair next time so the hair will tuck into the rollers more nicely.

Reference image:


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