Music for my fashion film

For my fashion film, I want to find music which features irritating noise as I want to present the ideas of illusion of vision which Op Art gives to people and also shows psychedelic effects. I also want the music to feature strong beat as to symbolise the bold shapes and patterns of Op Art.

So I have found a piece of music done by Max Cooper and it is called ‘Wasp’. I choose it for my fashion film music because I like the way at the beginning, the noise getting louder and louder which is suitable for what I want for the music. It creates the mood of confusing, exaggerating and uncomfortable atmosphere, like how when we look at the Op Art patterns, we feel dizzy and it makes our eyes uncomfortable. The music features replicate pattern which links to the psychedelic music and Op Art. Somehow, when I listen to ‘Wasp’, I think it is suitable for my film as the music reminds me of exploring something unknown, mystery and new.


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