Make-up for Black and White Film # Techfile

1930s 1930s make-up

In lesson, we have learnt how to do make-up for a black and white film. What colors will appeal stronger or lighter. We have done a 1930s make-up look which features the dark lips and eyebrows and contouring on eyes and face.


  • Cleanser, toner, moisturizer
  • Apron
  • Cotton pads
  • Baby buds
  • Coach roll
  • A spatula
  • Illamasqua Matte Primer
  • Kryolan Foundation palette (Alabaster)
  • Illamasqua White Skin Base
  • A foundation brush
  • Translucent powder
  • A powder brush
  • Kryolan Blush palette (101)
  • A Blush brush
  • Small fine brushes
  • An eye shadow brush
  • Angle brush x 2
  • Illamasqua Netural eye shadow palette (Powder shadow in stealth, wolf and obsidian)
  • MAC Lip Mix (Black)
  • A lip brush


  1. First, cleanse, tone and moisturize the model’s face
  2. Apply matte primer on the model’s face
  3. Then, for a black and white film, we don’t want the face to look completely white, so we will just bring the skin tone down. Therefore, we will be using cool tones instead and bring the skin tone around 2 or 3 shades lighter than his/ her original skin tone. This helps to give a more natural finish in a Black and White film. I have used the Kryolan foundation palette (Color: Alabaster) and mix with the Illamasqua White Skin Base to achieve this result. Remember no concealer need on this makeup as the light foundation can hide all the blemishes. Also, remember to apply the foundation on the neck, ears areas and keep the lips with NO foundation on as the foundation will make the lips dry
  4. Apply the mixture of the foundation on the face with your hands. You can use a foundation brush to blend the foundation nicely on the face or you can blend the foundation with your fingers first, and then use your hand (Palm – the area near the thumb) to press on the skin to give a natural finish. Remember don’t put too much foundation on the face at once as therefore it will make the foundation difficult to blend and press with your hand, so layering is important
  5. Mix the translucent powder with the Illamasqua white (color: powder shadow in stealth) eye shadow to give a more nice, pale finish
  6. Add a bit of water onto the Illamasqua black eye shadow (Color: obsidian) and fill in the brows using it with an angle brush
  7.  Contouring- use a strong dark color for contouring as it will show up more in black and white film. You can use dark brown and colors like black, grey and red which are strong and bold. Apply the Kryolan blush palette (Color:101) under the cheekbones (Infratemporal fossa) and remember to blend the colors nicely. You can also contour the face like the temporal fossa area as well
  8. Spray some water onto the dark brown eye shadow (Color: Wolf). Feel the nasal bone on the nose and apply on each side of the nose. Use baby bud to blend and soften the color
  9. For the eye make-up, draw a line with the dark brown (Color: Wolf) eye shadow (mix with some water) on the above crease area. Lift the skin up and draw the lines
  10. Remember if you want to apply eyeliners, it needs to be drawn as close as the lashes as to give a natural finish
  11. Draw against the lip lines using the dark brown (Color: Wolf) eye shadow (mix with some water) with an angle brush
  12. Fill in the lips using MAC black lip mix with a lip brush, but remember don’t cover the dark brown lip lines because it helps to define the shape of the lips. Black, yellow and gold color gives nice finish on the lips in Black and White film
  13. If the lips are thin, you can apply lip gloss to make it appeal fuller and bigger
  14. You can apply the gloss on the eyes at the end to add shine on the eyelids

IMG_9827 IMG_9829 IMG_9830 IMG_9831 IMG_9832 IMG_9833

I really like this make-up look because of how it looks elegant and vintage. In order to improve, I can apply more dark brown color under the cheekbones to make the look more dramatic and bold. In black and white photos, it picks up the black color a lot and if the lines are not balanced well, you can see the mistakes very easily and same as the contouring part on the face, so need to pay more attention and be aware of the make-up.


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