Thinking about ideas for my fashion film

After I’ve got the brief for my fashion film project, I started to find inspirations from what I should do. I was walking down the street and looking for some inspirations and then I realised that there were many people wearing striped, squares and dotted patterns. Then I started to think about why these patterns are worn by many people nowadays and when these patterns started to make influence on fashion trend. Those patterns remind me of the Optical Art (Op Art) which is an art movement and has made huge influences during 1960s. In lesson, I have also found my friends wearing striped and line pattern dress and earrings as well.

20151106_150749 20151106_150807

Then, when I walk through the shopping center, I saw some floor lamps which is black and white in color and has got line patterns on them and it also reminds me of the Op Art which creates an illusion of moving patterns.



We can even find the optical art line patterns from the bar code as well.

I have decided to do more research on this direction by researching about the history of the Optical Art and how it has made influences and impacts to fashion.


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