1960s Fashion


As Op Art gets popular during 1960s, I have decided to research on the fashion trend in 1960s. This allows me to develop the styles for my character in my fashion film (I have decided to use one female model for my film). Op Art has made huge influences on fashion as well and it is suitable for creating a Mod Look because of the monochrome geometric prints are suitable to compliment the bold shapes of the Mod style. The word ‘Mod’ means Modernism as during the 1960s, Modernism was popular and trendy and the Mod look are innovative, bold, creative and it has a meaning behind which is that it means looking forward to the future. The female mod look features short haircuts, wearing men’s shirts or trousers and flat shoes. Cutouts pattern on the garments are popular.


Mary Quant – She is a famous Welsh fashion designer and is a British fashion icon. During 1955, she opened her own boutique which is named Bazaar in Chelsea. She invented miniskirts which was then became highly popular fashion trend during 1960s and as a fashion designer, she has made mod fashions affordable to people. She invented color tights to compliment with the short mini skirt.

http://englishenglish.biz/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/MaryQuant-tights.jpg – Color tights

The models from 1960s were very influential character in fashion as the rises of popularity and Twiggy, Rudi Gernreich are examples of popular models during that time.

Bridget Riley’s Op Art paintings have become popular during the 1960s and therefore, people expanded the idea of Op Art paintings through making them on fabrics, labels, posters, advertising, etc.


A-Line Dress:

During mid sixties, A-line dresses, coats and skirts are on trend.



During mid sixties, bell bottoms are fashionable in North America and Europe. The bell bottoms also link to the hipple movement in later decade.

Popular Necklines on garments in 1960s:

  • Cowl Back Necklines
  • Boat or Bateau Necklines
  • Funnel Necklines
  • Rounded or Jewel Necklines
  • Square Necklines
  • Sweetheart Necklines
  • V-back Necklines
  • Plunging Neckines


During 1960s, shoe designs took an important role in fashion. The influence of mini skirt affect the shoe industry as well because the length of the mini skirt is extremely short and in order to avoid showing the panties, women tried to sit with her knees together while the feet apart which makes the shoes more obvious.

  • Flats – flats developed in different styles as well, for example, T strapes,pointy toe, saddle shoes, etc.
  • Mary Jane Shoes
  • Strappy Dancing shoes
  • Pilgrim Pumps – sometimes features geometric shapes which links to the mod fashion.

Pilgrim Pumps with geometric shapes

  • Kitten Heel Pumps
  • Stacked heels
  • Sneakers
  • Boots such as Cuissarde boots, GoGo Boots- The ideas of futuristic influence the designs of shoes as well. GoGo Boots features metallic colors which is innovative.



Bold shapes sunglasses are suitable for the mod look and it links to Op Art as the use of bold shapes.

Trends in 1960s hairstyle and make-up:




Beehive hairstyle was trendy in 1960s and it was created by using padding to add height and volume to the hair. Wearing false hair pieces was a popular trend during the 1960s. Full thick fringes were one of the popular hairstyle which compliments with the mod look. The fringes are long and covered the eyebrows. Long straight hair with heavy fringe was also popular and also Twiggy’s short boyish haircut. Vidal Sassoon’s sharp angular bob hairstyle becomes trendy as well.



During 1950s to early 1960s, pale look (pale skin and lips), elegant eyes and sift pale pink hues are popular in make-up. But later on, as time goes by, the make-up looks become more exotic. False lashes were worn by women during 1960s and were one of the popular trend. People even place false lashes on both upper and lower lashes to create the retro flapper effect.  The popularity of the geometric prints influenced the make-up as well by using graphic eye makeup. Twiggy’s popularity rise the trend of heavily painted eyes and her dark eyeliners and drawn lashes. She has drawn one more liner on her eyelid and it creates a dolly effects as the female idea at the time is people who has a child-like face. The lips remain pale as before as the people wanted to stand out the eye make-up more. For the eye shadow color, white, grey and blue is popular at that time.

On below is an advertisement from Anon cosmetics in 1962 and it shows the idea of Op Art as the use of editing effects (flashing) and also geometric patterns. This shows the influence how Op Art affects the fashion industry.

‘Basic Black’ in 1967

In ‘Basic Black’, it shows the idea of modernism and in the video, it features the geometric shapes of Op Art patterns , mod fashion, heavily drawn eye make-up and the thick heavy fringe which links to the mod look.



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