Reading the script and designing a character’s make-up look

In lesson, we have given a task to complete and I have discussed with my partner what we should do on the make-up look for the character in the task. We have learnt how to read the script properly to decide what kind of look the character should looks like. This time, my partner has done the make-up look on me. I found it very interesting and exciting to design a character as you can imagine it in your mind and use your creativity to bring the style or look into life.


She took one final look in the mirror before leaving for her blind date. She worried that the bright lipstick was a bit of a mistake, and she would never normally have gone so heavy with her eye shadow! She liked to see herself as a more natural kind of a girl. Hopefully it’ll be dark in the restaurant she thought as she smoothed down her hair and ran out of the door.

20151012_154406 20151012_162250 20151012_162335  20151012_162354 20151012_162453

So after the reading the text on above, me and my partner, Lilianna have decided what we want the character to look like and we have analysed her character in the text:

  • Name: Lisa
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20 (Young)
  • Nationality: American
  • Job: University Student
  • Period: 2015 (Contemporary)
  • Her appearance: Except applying the make-up look for her blind date, she always look natural in normal days
  • Her character- first blind date – feeling nervous and worried about the way she look as she thought the makeup she has done for herself doesn’t suitable for her
  • She not used to wear make-up as ‘she liked to see herself more of a natural kind of a girl’
  • We have used the color brown and black with smokey eyes for the eye shadow and a pink color for her lips. Although the shadow and the lip color are not too strong, but because Lisa did not used to wear makeup and so she will think the color is too strong for herself.
  • Not much make-up on Lisa’s face makes her feels applying a lot already

12162885_910700328978622_976186863_o 12168489_910698318978823_1043274282_o

On above are the photo of the face chart which shows the make-up look for the character that me and Lilianna has designed and also the equipments used to create this make-up look.

You can see on below, the colour of the eye shadow on the lids are not well blended and this helps to show that the character is not skilled in doing make-up. Also, the skin base did not covered the dark circles and blemishes on the face which is another way to show she not used to wear heavy make-up.

crop photo eye

I think the way how me and my partner used the eye shadow to show the character of Lisa is not skillful in doing make-up as it is not well blended and also the blemishes are not well covered which work well on the look for Lisa’s character.

Reflect on the work we have done in this lesson, for improvements, I will make the lip color more brighter so to give a more clear contrast within the look as the color we used on the lips now is still a bit too pale.


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