Film Genres, The Art of Storytelling and The High Five Model

At the beginning, the female character is preparing to go out and it was set in her bedroom. After that, she met the male character at the bar. The film shows the genre of romance and horror as it shows how the female character attracts the male character and actually the female character is a killer. The use of nature and animals are used to support and present the sexual interaction between the characters. The plot of the story creates a climax where the female character bite off the male character’s penis and kill him. After that, the story goes back to the female character’s bedroom where she gets ready before she went out. She applied her nail polish again like what she did before, but this time, after she applied the nail polish, you can see the bottles on the nail polish, there are names which I think is the victims that she killed before and the nail polishes might be the blood of the victims.

I like the editing techniques used in this film and the way the characters faces are not shown and are replaced with videos of animals. The editing effects definitely makes the film more creative and dramatic. I like the pastel colors used in this film which I think stands out and contrasts the video editing on the characters bodies. I think when both characters kiss each other, the shark video shows how the female character is trying to attack the male character. You can see the choices of animals in the film are being considered on each scene as for instance, the leopard at the beginning is used to represent the female’s wild character and also symbolise she is a man hunters. Also when the deer on the man’s body creates a contrast with the female character’s leopard, crocodile and tiger’s video on her bodies as it shows a contrast that the male character is weaker than the female character. The song also links to the story of the film and it helps to show the character of the female lead that ‘she’s bad’.

‘The Sound of COS’ is a short film created by Lernert & Sander to promote COS’s collection. I found the film very interesting and different to other fashion films as the idea of the film is to let the audience to ‘experience the sound of COS’ and through the use of the two characters, they produced sounds for the film (the screen in the film shows the collection of COS) which I think helps to engage and attract the audience. I like the way how Lernert & Sander uses a different way to present COS collection which make the whole thing more unique and amusing. I especially like the scene where when the models pull the collar of their coat and the two man open the umbrella to imitate the sound and I think it is very creative.
Story Structure:
The story is the center of the film. Without story, setting, stars and special effects are not useful anymore. The plot is used to support all these elements together to form a good story. In tradition, stories were told from generations by the storyteller whose job is to share stories which gives out messages for the audience. But nowadays, technology has improved and we receive messages from the screen (TV, mobile device, digital screen, etc).

Usually, film stories always follow a similar structure and format and they could be described in three parts:

  • Start: Genre established, characters and setting
  • Middle: Facing problems
  • End: Problems are solved and equilibrium is resolved

Conflict and oppositions must include in a story- interesting and dramatic. By adding conflicts or oppositions in the film, it makes the story more dramatic, interesting and creates climax for the plot. Not all the films follow the structure on above (Start,middle, end), but there are other film structure as well such as flashbacks. Flashbacks make the story of the film more interesting as the ending part are shown at the beginning.

Film Genres:

Film Genres was later applied to film in 1970s and nowadays, we can identify films in different genres and each genre involved their own characteristics. By listing what genre the film belongs to, the audience can choose what kind of film they want to watch. Film genres also allow filmmakers to find inspirations for their films and decide which direction they want to go for. The most popular film genres are action, comedy and adventure and on below I have listed more film genres.

  • Thriller
  • Crime
  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Romantic
  • Musical
  • Science fiction
  • Documentary
  • Western

Films genres can be combined to two or more genres and there is example such as sci-fi action or romantic comedy, etc.

Film Language:

In the earliest films, because people are focusing on capturing the movements, the story line of the films were less structured. As filmmakers want to get improvements, they have invented ‘film language’ which is just applied for films. During the end of 19th century, the Kinetographic camera was invented and it allows people to capture moving images and tell stories to the audience through the camera. Film Language is important as it helps to tell stories of the film to the audience and allows filmmakers to present their ideas and expand their creativity. Film language includes: The camera movement, lighting, editing, sound, Mise en scene and shot types.

When we do the planning or storyboard for our film, we can refer and consider the high five model on below.

The Film High Five Model:

Scan_20151212 (11).jpg

  • The Frame – Look at the camera angle and camera movement. For a close-up shot, it shows the idea of personal, while a wide frame, it shows loneliness. When you shot from low angle, it helps to empowering the character.
  • Sound/ Music- Sound effects and mood music. Music refers to the themes and it tells the story and show emotions as well.
  • Color/ Light – Dark or light? Color patterns? Color and Lighting also affects and creates the atmosphere of the environment.
  • MISE EN DCENE- Props, characters, body language, everything in the frame. What is included in the frame and Why they are there?
  • Sequence- Does the pace get faster/ slower? How many edits can you saw?

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