‘Grease’ – 1978


‘Grease’ is a musical romantic comedy film which directed by Randal Kleiser. The film is about the two protagonists Sandy and Danny’s love story. Sandy and Danny met each other during summer holiday and they fell in love. But because the holiday end, they had to get separated. Sandy is a good, pure girl and Danny is a naughty guy. Later on in the film, Sandy went to a new high school and unexpectedly met Danny there. Danny is very different to what Sandy thought he was in the summer.. After that, Sandy have found a new boyfriend at school who is an athlete to make Danny jealous. She succeed to make him jealous and so Danny has participated different sports to get Sandy back. Danny is not good at any sports activities and once he gets hurt, Sandy is worried about him and then they finally reconciled. A few days later, the school has organised a dance competition, Sandy and Danny are partners and they nearly win the competition, but a guy take Sandy away and after that Danny and another girl has won the competition. Danny feel sorry for Sandy and Sandy has forgiven him. But when Danny wanted to kiss Sandy, she rejected and ran away. At the end of the film, Danny participate in a racing competition instead of his friend and he has won 1st price. After this event, Sandy has changed her thoughts and she wants to become a person like Danny. But now, Danny has changed and become a good boy to ingratiate Sandy and they stayed together at last.
The idea of this film gives the message of ‘willing to change yourself because of love’ as at the end of the film, Sandy and Danny willing to change themselves for each other.


Motifs: The repeated outfits of T-birds (Leather jackets and rolled up jeans) and Pink Ladies (Pink jacket) shows the characters characteristics.

I personally love the outfits that Sandy wore in ‘Grease’. The colours of the outfits are plain and simple. Sandy always wears poodle skirt in the film and it helps the character of Sandy to look more innocent.



For me, the cheerleader outfit is one of the unforgettable scene in the film.


Ribbons are often used on Sandy’s hairstyle and I really like her fringe which I think add the cutest to the whole style. The make-up look is simple with thin eyebrows which gives a simple, pure look. Sandy and her friends often wore full skirts and tiny waists dress and this helps to show the playful and cute character.


Sandy’s prom dress looks demure and plain which is a perfect example of the 50s ingenue.
I really like the look of Sandy at the end of the film who has changed into a bad girl style to fit Danny. Red lips with smokey eyes, big wild curly hair, cigarette, earrings, leather jackets with off the shoulder top and skintight slacks.  The whole style gives the chic and stylish look.





At the beginning of the film, Danny wore a blue jacket when he met Sandy in the summer holiday. But when he went back to high school, he wore leather jacket and turn into a bad guy and so this helps to link to how after Sandy met Danny at high school again, the way she thought who Danny were was different to what she imagined.


Black leather jackets, white tight t-shirt, black rolled up jeans and pompadour hairstyle are the signature of Danny’s character. The leather jackets help to show the tough guy look and the pompadour hairstyle was very popular at that time and there are famous people like Elvis Presley who did this hairstyle as well.


At the end of the film, Danny willing to change himself for Sandy and he wears a cardigan instead of leather jackets. I think he looks so different when he wears a sweater and think this is a very good idea to show he has changed into a good guy for Sandy. Sweater look is very popular in 1970s as well.


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