Nick Knight – Thoughts On Fashion Film

On above is a video about how Nick Knight think about fashion film and the difference between fashion film and fashion photography. In the video clip, he explained that the way when a fashion designer creates a piece of garment, they want people to see the movements of the garment and this is a way to attract the audience and present ideas of the garment. In order to create and make this happen, he has thought of using fashion film as a platform because in fashion film, you can see the garment from different angles and the movements of it, but compare to fashion photography, you can just shoot the photo in one direction at each time. Fashion is about movements and dynamic and fashion films allow the audience to see more details on the garment as you can shoot in different angles or in a sequence of movements  and it allows the fashion designers to present their ideas further as fashion film can capture and express the mood through music and movements which helps to stand out the garment even more. Take from example, if there is a new collection of garments, by making a fashion film to present and show the garments. Aren’t it more likely to engage the audience more and you can see how the garments look like on a person. He has also commented that fashion film is quite different to a film and same as fashion photography is different to photography because fashion film focuses on more the movements of the garments, accessories, make-up and hair and is used to display artistic visual effects. The fashion films are short compare to films. While films in general, also connected to garments, accessories, make-up and hair, but is more concentrating on the actors acting skills and the story of the characters. But the connections between fashion films and films is that fashion film is inspired by films’ animation of image, editing techniques and visual communication. Fashion film often a regularly featured topic.

I agree with Nick Knight that ‘Great fashion makes a great fashion film, the narrative are already in that piece of clothing’. The patterns on the garment also tell the story of it and it helps to explain the meanings behind the garment. The fashion designers have created the vision of it and through fashion film, it allows the audience to see the intention and bizarre behind the garment.

I like the way how Nick Knight said he thinks that it is important for the designers or artists to make connections with the audience.In order to do this, he shows people the process of making his fashion film and shows how things are made. This not only helps the audience to understand what ideas the designer wants to achieve or present, but also allow the audience to understand art and fashion better which benefits both the artist/designer and the audience. The reasons why Nick Knight set up Showstudio is because he wants to make connections with the audience and present fashion in an entertaining way through fashion films. He also thinks  that fashion film is self expression and by showing the process of making his film, he let the audience to understand his ideas.

Digital World and Fashion Film:

In the video, Nick Knight has commented that ‘Photography stops when the digital world came along’. Showstudio was launched in 2000 and it is named as ‘the Home of Fashion Film’. Showstudio produced many fashion films which are innovative and unique and the films are published via Internet which allows audience from around the world to watch. Showstudio not only work on fashion films, but also catwalk shows and fashion shoots as well. The reason why its name is called ‘Showstudio’ is because it allows designer and artists to share their works and documenting the process of creating their works. The director Nick Knight and the graphic designer, Peter Saville started Showstudio in 2000, but what makes him decided to do this is because in 1998, the internet seems to become popular and will become a global communication platform and network and nowadays, Digital world is very important and widely used. The power of internet and digital technology allow fashion to develop in various ways. Internet allows designers and artists to publish their works and this not only offers to people in local areas, but also let audiences around the world to see. In 1910, Vogue uses magazines to present fashion through photography and it is similar to the idea of Showstudio as it takes fashion into another level and present it through films. ‘The future of fashion is online’ said by Nick Knight.

After watching Nick Knight’s video on his thoughts about fashion film, I understand more about what fashion film is and the purpose of making fashion films.


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