Edward Scissorhands (1990)


‘Edward Scissorhands’ is a romantic dark fantasy film published in 1990, directed by Tim Burton and written by Caroline Thompson. The film is about Edward who lives alone in a decrepit Gothic building on the hill and he was created by the inventor. Later, the inventor died because of heart attack and before he died, he wanted to give real hands to Edward, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. One day, Edward was found by Peg Boggs and she realised that he is harmless and so she has bought him home.

This photo shows the scene where Edward was found by Peg and he saw her the first time. 

Everything is new to Edward as he has never been to the town. Edward falls in love with Peg’s daughter, Kim although he scares her in the first place. Kim has a boyfriend call Jim and he is scornful of Edward. Peg’s neighbors impressed with his hair cutting and also hedge trimming skills with his scissorhands and he is beloved of all.

Later on in the story, because Jim wants money for a van, he takes Edward to break into his parents’ house. But the burglar alarm sounds and only Edward is trapped in the house. He got arrested by the police and after that he reveals that because he lives alone for a long time, he didn’t have a sense of reality. After the robbery matter, Edward got blame for all and also Peg’s neighbor Joyce got rejected by Edward and so she claims that Edward had tried to rape her although he had done nothing to her. Poor Edward has got blamed by everyone in the town.

During Christmas time, Edward went back to the Boggs family and he told Jim that he knows they were trying to rob Jim’s house and the reason he did that is because of Kim and she feels really sorry to Edward. Later on, Jim finds Edward and he hits him. Edward accidentally cut Kim’s hand and Jim accuses Edward for attacking him and Kim. Edward runs away and Kim is annoyed with Jim and so she broke up with him. Edward return to Boggs’ house and saw Kim was there. Kim asked Edward to hold her but he said he was afraid he will hurt her again. But Kim pulls his arms and hug him. Jim returns to the Boggs’ house and he was drunk. he tries to beat Edward and Kelvin, Kim’s little brother runs over and Edward accidentally cut his face and arms and there are witnesses and they think Edward attack Kelvin. Edward runs back to the Gothic building where he had been living and Kim follows as well. Jim attacks them with a gun and at first Edward didn’t fight, but after Jim hit Kim, Edward fight back and kill Jim. Kim confesses her love towards Edward and they kiss before saying goodbye to each other. After that, Kim tells everyone that Jim and Edward fought together and both of them were dead. She shows a discarded scissorhand from the Inventor’s lab to everyone and then the story has ended.
At the beginning and the end, there is an elderly woman who tells this story to her granddaughter and she is Kim. I feel touched when Kim said she had never seen Edward again since they said goodbye and she rather not to visit him because she wanted him to remember the way she was when she was young. And at the last scene of the movie, it reveals that Edward is the one who creates the town’s snow with his scissorhands. He was carving the ice sculptures and lives alone in the Gothic mansion again.

I found Edward’s character is sorrowful as he is gentle and kind to everyone, but because of his appearance (his scissorhands), he still have distance with others and afraid that he will hurt the people that he love. These can found in the scene where Kim asks Edward to hug her but he said ‘He can’t’.

The main themes of this film is about isolation and discover the true appearance of yourself. The way Edward lives alone and after he moves to live with Peg’s family, he aware of the reality and he can’t cope with the environment. This film’s climaxes is similar to ‘ Frankenstein’ as the crowd antagonist the ‘evil creature’. It is also influenced from ‘the Beauty and the Beast’ as due to Edward’s appearance, he couldn’t stay with Kim at the end and keep distance with others.

At the beginning and the end of the film, by using Kim as an elderly woman telling the story of Edward Scissorhands to her granddaughter, it ended by a prelude and an epilogue. Literary aspects is used in this film as there are plot, setting, themes, characters and point of view. This film links to Gothic Fiction motifs such as the Strange places (Gothic mansion where Edward lives), crisis, uncanny. It also related to Gothic literature as there are grotesque, stranger, crisis, romance and transformation happen within the story. 

Edward’s Styling:

The character of Edward Scissorhands is created and designed by Stan Winston. He and Ve Neill were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Make-up and also the British Academy Film Awards. The costume designer Colleen Atwood and Stan Winston with his visual effects work were nominated in the British Academy Film Awards. The production designer Bo Welch won the BAFTA Award for the Best Production Design.


The appearance and styling of Edward is very effective in the film as it shows the audience that we shouldn’t judge people by looking at their appearances. Although Edward has got many scars over his face, dark eyes and purple lips, he looks pale and scary with messy crazy hair and scissorhands, but he has got a kind and gentle heart. I really like the idea of the styling for Edward which I think makes the character more interesting and it surprises the audience when they watch the film because there is a different act on Edward by looking at his appearance. 


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