Importance of Accessories in Fashion

Fashion is not only about clothes, but also about accessories as well. Many brands such as Prada, Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, etc, have concentrated more on promoting their accessories such as bags, sunglasses, make-up, perfume, shoes, hair accessories etc rather than their clothes collections.

‘All the advertisements of the major fashion houses are currently centred on accessories.'(Baan, Els de., 2007) On above shows an example of how fashion houses have focused on promoting their accessories. It is a campaign from Prada and you can see on the photo above, the model is not wearing any clothes, but there are bags around her and she is wearing a hat which stands out and shows the importance and the purpose of promoting their accessories within this campaign.


On above, I have print screen the page where I searched the word ‘Prada’ on google images. As you can see, most of the photos are advertising and promoting their bags and sunglasses which shows us how important accessories take place in nowadays.


I have then searched for ‘Dior’ on Google Images as well and it has came up with the accessories of their perfumes, bags and makeup which also shows how fashion industry has concentrated on developing the accessories in fashion.

Accessories also links to historical research and refers to fashion in a specific period of time. For instance, in Elizabethan era, accessories such as masks which were made with velvet were popular for women. During 1960s, mod look is popular and it has made huge influences on not only clothes, but also accessories. On above, you can see the sunglasses that the ladies were wearing are inspired by the mod fashion. During eighteenth century, hand fans, masks and wigs took an important part in refer to the masquerade culture. Ladies used their hand fans to keep themselves refreshing and the hand fans also has symbolism behind as it is used to attract men. “The extreme wigs, the white-powered faces, the conspicuous beauty spots and the fans all contributed to the masquerade where ‘under the shiny, varnished layer of good manners, nobody sought the secret soul of the true personality.'” (Baan, Els de., 2007)

Fashion accessories includes hand fans, bags, umbrellas, purses, belts, watches, jewellery, scarves, stockings, socks, hates, ties, jackets, shoes, gloves, etc. Take an example from nowadays, men’s ties take an important place and when you walk down the street, you can see at least one or more people wearing ties.


  • Baan, Els de., (2007).Fashion and accessories. Published by ArtEZ-Press.

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