Identify films in 3 different levels

In order to understand more about a movie, we can identify it with three different levels and they are:

  • Literary Aspects
  • Dramatic Aspects
  • Cinematic Aspects

Why we divide films in three different levels ?

By identify film in three levels, we can understand the ideas and the meaning behind the film more easily. Also, we can break into parts to analyse and so we can compare to the whole film. We can also look in more details of the film, what the ideas and theme the film wants to bring out to the audience?

  1. Literary Aspects:
  • It means things that films include the features of literature. Literary Aspects also means something that links and share with literature such as:

– Plot (Storytelling)

– Characters

– Themes

– Setting

– Point of view

  1. Dramatic Aspects:
  • It means things that films share with live drama such as Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. You can identify dramatic aspects through the character’s make-up, costumes, etc. There are elements in dramatic aspects and they are:

– Tension

– Climax

– Mood

– Conflict

– Symbolism

– Sound

Advantages of Dramatic Aspects and how it attract the audiences: Johnny Depp

– Character choice – Acting- Certain Characters/ Actors in the film

– Costumes

– Set design
– Makeup and hair

  1. Cinematic Aspects: Jurassic World

Cinematography means things that only films can show and present to the audiences such as Avatar and Star Wars, etc. It includes technical terms related to films and they are:

– Sound effects

– Special Effects

– Editing



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